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MILLLICENT G. DILLON, represented by Harold Ober Associates, is the world’s expert on authors Jane and Paul Bowles. She has won five O. Henry Awards and been nominated for the PEN/Faulkner. I worked with Dillon on her memoir, The Absolute Elsewhere, in which she describes in luminous prose her private meeting with Albert Einstein to discuss the ethics of the atomic bomb. Read more. . .

SASHA TROYAN is a Professor of English at Montclair University and author of the critically-acclaimed novels Angels in the Morning and The Forgotten Island, both Booksense Selections, beautiful stories based upon her childhood in France. I worked with Troyan to develop her new novels, Marriage A Trois and Semester. Read more. . .

LUCIA ORTH is the author of the debut novel, Baby Jesus Pawn Shop, which received critical acclaim from Publisher’s Weekly, NPR, Booklist, Library Journal and Small Press Reviews. I have edited a number of essays and articles for Orth. Read more. . .

BHAICHAND PATEL, retired after an illustrious career with the United Nations, is now a journalist based out of New Dehli and Bombay, an expert on Bollywood, and author of three non-fiction books published by Penguin. I edited Patel’s best-selling debut novel, Mothers, Lovers, and Other Strangers, published by Pan Macmillan. Read more. . .

SCOTT WILBANKS, represented by Barbara Poelle of the Irene Goodman Literary Agency, is the author of the debut novel, The Lemoncholy Life of Annie Aster, published by Sourcebooks in August, 2015. I’m working with Wilbanks on his sophomore novel, Easy Pickens, the story of the world’s only medically-diagnosed case of chronic naiveté. Read more. . .

SCOTT WARRENDER is a professional musician and Annie Award-nominated lyricist specializing in musical theater. I work with Warrender regularly on his short stories and debut novel, Putaway. Read more. . .

M. TERRY GREEN enjoys a successful self-publishing career with multiple sci-fi/fantasy series set in the Multiverse, based upon her expertise in anthropology and technology. I worked with Green to develop a new speculative fiction series. Read more. . .

ANIA VESENNY, represented by Beverly Slopen Literary Agency, is a recipient of the Evelyn Sullivan Gilbertson Award for Emerging Artist in Literature and has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. I edited Vesenny’s debut novel, Swearing in Russian at the Northern Lights, and her second novel, Sandara. Read more. . .

STUART WAKEFIELD is the #1 Kindle Best Selling author of Body of Water, the first novel in his Orcadian Trilogy. Body of Water was 1 of 10 books long-listed for the Polari First Book Prize. I edited Wakefield’s second novel, Memory of Water, and look forward to editing the final novel of his Orcadian Trilogy, Spirit of Water. Read more. . .

GERALDINE EVANS is a best-selling British author. Her historical novel, Reluctant Queen, is a Category No 1 Best Seller on Amazon UK. I edited Death Dues, #11 in Evans’ fifteen popular Rafferty and Llewellyn cozy police procedurals, which received a glowing review from the Midwest Book Review. Read more. . .

JUDY LEE DUNN is an award-winning marketing blogger. I am working with Dunn to develop and line edit her memoir of reconciling liberal activism with her emotional difficulty accepting the lesbianism of her beloved daughter, Tonight Show comedienne Kellye Rowland. Read more. . .

JEFF RUSSELL is the author of the debut novel, The Rules of Love and Law, based upon Jeff’s abiding passions for legal history and justice. Read more. . .

LEN JOY is the author of the debut novel, American Past Time. I worked with Len to develop his novel from its core: a short story about the self-destructive ambitions of a Minor League baseball star. Read more. . .

ALEX KENDZIORSKI is an American physician working in South Africa on community health education and wildlife conservation. I edited Kendziorski’s debut novel Wait a Season for Their Names about the endangered African painted wolf, for which he is donating the profits to wildlife conservation. Read more. . .

ALEXANDRA GODFREY blogs for the New England Journal of Medicine. I work with Godfrey on her short fiction and narrative nonfiction, including a profile of the doctor who helped save her son’s life, “Mending Broken Hearts.” Read more. . .

In addition, I work with scores of aspiring writers in their apprenticeship to this wonderful literary art and craft.

  • By Victoria Mixon

    Welcome to America.

    1. Conscience

      As the 2012 Presidential election approaches this November, I’ve found myself asking my conscience whether or not I can limit my blog presence to a pure conversation about writing, when I know the welfare of my own son hangs in the balance of this election.

      I weighed my work as a writer and independent editor against my love for my son—

      And my love for my son won.

    2. America

      So I’m posting this page for everyone who believes in equality for all Americans and the unbelievable importance of preserving our country from the neo-conservative radicals who have seized control of the leadership of our modern Republican Party.

      These radicals are lying out-right to millions of traditional Republican voters, most of whom are intelligent and caring people who know perfectly well that the self-serving neo-con agenda directly opposes the best interests of the American middle-class, particularly the blue-collar professionals who constitute the Republican voter base.

      Of course, these voters are finding it terribly difficult to sort the truth from the lies—especially when the liars control their own party, in which they sincerely believe, and are so polished and professional about lying.

      As one commentator said after the first 2012 Presidential debate, “Who wants the most to win? Romney, I think.” Of course he does. Because he has the most to gain personally and financially from seizing control of one of the richest countries on earth.

      Wanting to control a country and being good at it are two different things.

    3. The United States—Bipartisan Unity

      Although I’m a lifelong Democrat, many of these intelligent, caring middle-class Republican voters are my family and loved ones, people whose lives were drastically affected by the economic crash and the radical neo-con policies that caused it.

      Middle-class blue-collar Americans took the economic crash right in the teeth. The crash deeply affected me and my husband as well, although in our tax bracket we pay taxes between two and three times as high as Romney’s. (This says more about Romney than it does about us.)

      And we have all seen our country begin to recover from that economic crash under the Obama Administration, particularly in the blue-collar sector, although the damage was so extensive and had been building throughout so many years of neo-con leadership that it couldn’t possibly all be repaired in one short Presidential Administration, particularly in the face of hardline neo-con partisan obstructionism in Congress.

      Much of what Obama has worked so very hard to accomplish has been defeated by neo-cons in Congress over the past four years for no other reason but this election: so they could claim, “He didn’t fix our mess.”

      We’ve seen this moment coming for four years, haven’t we?

      And who pays for that obstructionism?

      Why, we Americans do, of course.

      People, all of our extended families are made up of both Democrats and Republicans, both liberals and conservatives. . .those families we love. All of our cities, towns, neighborhoods, and communities are made up of both. . .those friends and neighbors we love.

      No matter what our party affiliations, we in this country are all Americans—we’re all in this together.

    4. Education

      So I’ve found a blogger who has put together lists of both Obama’s and Romney’s political records with citations: Milt Shook.

      And I thought you’d like to know that I’ve created a comment for online articles on the Presidential campaign below. Even though I’m always socked-in up to my eyeballs, working with editing clients and raising my wonderful teenager, I try to find a little time throughout the week to read recent articles and add Shook’s research to the comments.

      If anyone would like to use this comment below on any online articles you find, please feel free to use it. I do believe in education as the source of all informed decisions.

      This is not a partisan issue anymore.

      It’s about the American people claiming our own: America.



    Thank you for the link to the video of the steelworkers, Jesus Maria Alvarez, who fled Communist Cuba with his family as a child forty years ago, to seek sanctuary in the freedom of democracy that we are so privileged to have here the United States.

    “Don’t boo Romney. VOTE.”—President Barack Obama, Denver, October 4, 2012




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