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Writer's Digest presents an excerpt from my webinar, "Three Secrets of the Greats: Structure Your Story for Ultimate Reader Addiction."

Joanna Penn of The Creative Penn, one of the Top 10 Blogs for Writers, interviews me about storytelling, writing, independent editing, and the difference between literary fiction and genre, with an impromptu exercise on her own Work-in-Progress.

Editing client Stu Wakefield, author of the Kindle #1 Best Seller Body of Water, talks about our work together on Memory of Water, the second novel of his Water trilogy.

  • art and craft of fiction

    Judge this book by its cover. The writing is equally beautiful. you’ll be glad The Art and Craft of Fiction has such a gorgeous cover, because you’ll keep this book by your side for a long time. . .Her advice as it relates to fiction is the freshest and most relevant advice you’ll find. . .Mixon’s book provides a feast to feed your need; a full course meal. . .Whether you’re starting out or already a star, you’ll have a new appreciation for the art of good writing and the imposing talent that is needed to craft a good book. Mixon’s fresh attitude and sincere encouragement will make you feel good about your writing at every stage.
    —Helen Gallagher,, Seattle Post-Intelligencer,

    The only thing Victoria doesn’t reveal in The Art & Craft of Fiction: A Practitioner’s Manual is the secret handshake. Otherwise, a lot of authors are going to improve their writing just by reading and using the advice in her book. Buy it. I recommend it.
    —Dave Kuzminski, Editor, Preditors & Editors

    Victoria Mixon’s The Art & Craft of Fiction should be on your writer's shelf between Anne Lamott’s Bird By Bird and John Gardner's On Becoming A Novelist. Read it first. Then pick it up again and again—whenever you're stuck and you need encouragement, advice, and witty examples on the process—and get back to the had work. You are not alone, not with this book to set you on your way each writing day.
    —Lucia Orth, nominated for PEN/Faulkner, PEN/Hemingway, and Pulitzer Prize, author of the critically-acclaimed Baby Jesus Pawn Shop

    Victoria Mixon's The Art and Craft of Fiction isn't just a book that provides the guidance a beginning fiction writer needs. This is not simply a book that offers up sharp, deeply helpful tips on craft-though it does so very well. This volume is a motivating yawp. It's a relentlessly upbeat blast of git-go inspiration. Mixon's voice is that of the Muse on three cups of coffee and a to-the-rim shot of liquid codeine. Over the last twenty years, hers may very well be the most adrenalinic, motivating, how-to voice about craft, style, and artistic will power. After reading this, emerging writers should have no trouble getting the seat of the pants in the seat of the chair-and flat out producing their own blood-deep stories.
    —Kevin Clark, author of Self-Portrait with Expletives

    AVAILABLE AT: The Art & Craft of Writing Fiction: First Writer's Manual