Full Copy, Line & Developmental Edit

In the Developmental Edit, I work with you over the course of 4-8 weeks to develop your story into a full scene-by-scene outline based upon your protagonist’s conflicting internal needs in optimum plot design.

We discuss storytelling issues, your protagonist and their story, three-act plot structure, your supporting cast of characters and their relationships to your protagonist. We work with the events you plan, brainstorming about them, developing new ones and putting the most intriguing into powerful logical cause-&-effect for gripping storytelling. I teach you the process of developing a one-sentence concept into a full-length book that will fascinate readers and build strong reader loyalty.

Then in the Copy & Line Edit, I edit your fresh draft into quality professional prose. This takes very little of your time, unless your fresh draft departs significantly from the scene-by-scene outline we’ve developed together. In such cases, I discuss the alterations with you before Copy & Line Editing, in order to make sure that your book is the book you want it to be.

I calculate a full Copy, Line & Developmental Edit by wordcount. A manuscript of @80,000 words takes approximately 120 hours.