Mentoring Program

Due to popular demand, I’ve created a monthly Mentoring Program, through which I offer a regular number of hours per month for any type of writing help:

  • Copy, Line & Developmental Editing
  • Developmental Editing
  • Copy & Line Editing
  • Mentoring of ideas & stories

As long as I have your hours reserved for you, you can decide what you need each month—customized, not just for your manuscript, but for you the writer.

Some writers sign up for:

  • 3 hours/month
  • 6 hours/month
  • 12 hours/month (3 hours/week)
  • 24 hours/month (6 hours/week)

When you ensure your regular place on my calendar, I’m available to mentor you step-by-step through your growth as a writer.

We can also use the Mentoring Program to design a custom edit for your manuscript.