The 6 Parts of Story in Pictures (Fawns in a Meadow)

Last week we learned who my nemesis is and how they make me the protagonist of my own little terribly heartwrenching story.

I was offline all week, during which time I had lots of opportunity to both work in my garden and observe my nemesis observing me.

So today I’m going to tell you a story in pictures:


Conflict #1

Conflict #2

Conflict #3

Faux Resolution


8 thoughts on “The 6 Parts of Story in Pictures (Fawns in a Meadow)

  1. Jeffrey Russell says:

    How about this for an idea? A joint story-writing venture. You post a caption for the HOOK, then ask for entries for a caption for CONFLICT #1, select one of them and post it. Then ask for a caption for CONFLICT #2, post it, then CLIMAX #3, the FAUX RESOLUTION, and finally the CLIMAX.

    Whadda ya think?

    1. Victoria says:


      It had occurred to me to ask readers to create captions for the series. Would you like to start us off, Mr. Russell?

  2. Jeffrey Russell says:

    I was afraid you’d say that. It’s why I suggested YOU write the hook! When I’ve seen those sorts of things in the past, caption contests for pictures, I never entered because I don’t think I’m good at it.

    But… a series of pictures creating a story as it goes along would be something else entirely. I’ll jump right in with one of the CONFLICTS, or the FAUX RESOLUTION. Or (gulp) maybe even the CLIMAX.

    1. Victoria says:


      I was afraid you’d be afraid I’d say that.

      Part of my idea was to let the non-lingual sections of readers’ brains put together the sense of storytelling without a specific story, to reach the unspoken response each has to each picture so they can understand the visceral aspect of creating cause-&-effect.

      But if you want a hook to start, let’s try this:

      The white seed heads of summer grass resolved unexpectedly into a wild, delicate figure bent low.

  3. Jeffrey Russell says:


    I had imagined the story would be one told from the deer’s POV! Now I’m at a loss… I’ll try and think of something. Hopefully I’ll be saved and someone else will think of something first… But I’m not sure my brain even has a “non-lingual” section.

    1. Victoria says:


      Yes, your brain has a non-lingual section, Jeffrey! You’ve perhaps just filled it up with boxes of old Jeopardy trivia.

      This is why I put up pictures instead of words. Everyone gets a different story out of that sequence, don’t they?

  4. Judy Dunn says:

    Conflict #1:

    “I got here first, you arrogant piece of shit,” she said. “You are my brother, but you are taking what’s mine for the last time. Now go find your own patch of grass.”

    Oops. A little too edgy?

    1. Victoria says:


      Edgy is hip, Judy. Edgy fawns must be total cutting edge.

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