3 Layers of ‘Layering’ in Fiction: guest post on Writer Unboxed

Welcome to Sunday! This is a special one.

For those of you late to the Top 10 Blogs for Writers game of 2010/2011, let me summarize:

Someone mentioned this contest to me one day back in December 2010, and I called upon my legions of beloved readers and clients to throw my name in the hat.

You guys did.

My blog made it into the finalists, or the Top 20 Blogs for Writers. And I cried a little.

Finally, you guys actually managed to push my blog all the way to the Top 10 Blogs for Writers.

And my heart promptly exploded.

So for three months at the beginning of 2011 the Top 10 Bloggers for Writers traded weekly guest posts. We had a blast.

Please help me inaugurate those months of frantic behind-the-scenes scheduling, topic negotiation, head-slapping, and sometimes hysteria with my first guest post of the series, this one on that venerable writers’ blog, Writer Unboxed (where I now write an advice column for their newsletter, Ask Victoria).

I decided to kick off by explaining in detail the most confusing and ambitious aspect of fiction I know—I thought I’d start big.

Join us today for:

3 Layers of ‘Layering’ in Fiction, on Writer Unboxed

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