Body of Kindness, by Stu Wakefield

I have some serious gratitude to express today.

Last week I was finishing up work with Stu Wakefield on the second novel of his Orcadian Trilogy, Memory of Water. Stu is so sweet and smart and talented, and he’d already been a Kindle #1 Best Seller with his first novel, Body of Water, and he approaches the craft with such utter joy and utter dedication. . .

. . .then as we came to the end of our time together he sent me a video he’d made about working with me.

And my heart promptly burst.

What can I say to you, Mister Wakefield?

Thank you.

PS You can find the interview with Joanna Penn of the Creative Penn that he mentions here.

2 thoughts on “Body of Kindness, by Stu Wakefield

  1. You’re more than welcome!

    I miss working with you but, every time I refer back to my outline during my rewrites, it’s like you’re still there, egging me on.


    1. Victoria says:

      Oh, that would be the tiny invisible time-release bombs I planted. Me laughing uncontrollably at you being Beyonce. Just a little essence of V to get you through your working day. 🙂

      You know, my friend in LA said she had to look Beyonce up before she watched that, and I said, “I still haven’t. I will go to my grave believing Beyonce is Stu in a wig.”

      I’ll be lying there in my coffin, still chuckling, and they’ll all go, “Wow. This is just too weird. Suddenly we get her connection to ghost stories.”

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