13 Surprising Ways to Add Depth to a Story

This month we’re talking specifics: all the ways in which we can make life different as writers. We talked last week about the things we writers know that non-writers don’t.

Now let’s talk about ways to add layering to genre in order to snap your story right into focus for the reader:

  1. If you’re writing a love story

    . . .bring in a really hot third party.

  2. If you’re writing a thriller

    . . .break your protagonist’s tools.

  3. If you’re writing sci fi

    . . .create unexpected social norms.

  4. If you’re writing fantasy

    . . .make both reality and fantasy too hard to cope with.

  5. If you’re writing historical fiction

    . . .use facts that no one from our era would know.

  6. >If you’re writing a mystery

    . . .kill off your informants.

  7. If you’re writing horror

    . . .use prosaic details.

  8. If you’re writing adventure

    . . .put your protagonist’s life in danger, plus everyone else’s.

  9. If you’re writing comedy

    . . .add a touch of poignancy.

  10. If you’re writing Young Adult

    . . .give your protagonist a slapstick sense of humor.

  11. If you’re writing Middle Grade

    . . .add random non sequiturs to the dialog.

  12. If you’re writing a picture book

    . . .focus on one signficant, telling detail at a time.

  13. And if you’re writing literary fiction

    . . .make sure your editor is the very best.