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Asian Age no 5jBhaichand Patel is the author of three nonfiction books: Chasing the Good Life (Penguin Books India, October, 2006), Happy Hours (Penguin Books India, October, 2009) and Bollywood’s Top 20: Superstars of Indian Cinema (Penguin Books India, January, 2012). Retired after an international legal career with the United Nations, he is now a journalist based out of New Dehli and Mumbai.

I developed and line-edited Patel’s debut novel, Mothers, Lovers, & Other Strangers, published by Pan MacMillan, which hit the Asian Age best-seller list at #7 and immediately climbed to #5 (above Dan Brown and John LeCarre).

In this heartbreaking story, the Indian boy Ravi struggles to rise from an artisan family sunk into homelessness, through the dangers of modern Mumbai, to wealth and fame as the greatest Bollywood composer of his time. However, when Ravi’s past returns to haunt him his entire way of life is threatened. A misstep, a chance death, a police Inspector on the trail of a presumed murderer, and finally a frail old man with a secret too great to bear. In the end, Ravi must must choose between his lavish life and the shameful truth about his family’s tragic roots.

Patel says:

“I am overwhelmed, Victoria. You have done a brilliant job with Part 1. You have made it glow. And what you have done with Part 2 is amazing. It could not be better. Ending it where you have ended it is perfect. You shouldn’t be editing. You should be writing novels!”

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  1. poonam jhawer says:

    Bhaichand Patel is a great author in the olden days. And his books are also good to read. Thank Victoria to post this blog…

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