Selling mechanical or artistic literature in today’s market

To some, writing is a skill. To others, it’s intuitive. I’ve been reading of late a small controversy brewing over the mechanical writer vs. the artistic. I believe that there is a place in this world for both, but my question is which technique does better in the general fiction… Read more“Selling mechanical or artistic literature in today’s market”

Differentiating between exposition & backstory

Aaaaaaaoooooh in re: expo is a backstory?—@so_you_know Then would backstory be exposition?—@marisabirns Exposition as backstory in film, often flashback scene (dreams, memories, etc.)—@AllInky So an ‘info dump’, however it is done, is not exposition?—@Story_Craft Now, we did have a great conversation about exposition on #storycraft Sunday, and I did go… Read more“Differentiating between exposition & backstory”