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—Freelance Independent Editor FAQ

And now we’ve arrived at the fourth of the four questions I’m most frequently asked. I’ve answered: 1. Must you write to a preset wordcount, classify your novel in a predetermined genre, ‘dumb down’ your novel? and: 2. How do you know which freelance independent editors are good and which… Read more“Publishing, POD, eBooks, Self-Publishing<br>—Freelance Independent Editor FAQ”

Swinging between Amazon and Apple with the ebook publishers

You’ve got to give Jeff Bezos credit for cojones, if not business savvy. The guy still hasn’t learned to stay off the trapeze without a net. Motoko Rich of the NY Times and Christina Warren of Mashable both report this week that Amazon is back to swinging wildly from the… Read more“Swinging between Amazon and Apple with the ebook publishers”

Digitizing books, expanding your mind?

I should have asked you guys your opinions a long time ago. You have been really amazing about the whole book cover issue. I’m sorry—I’m a slow learner. I promise to do better in the future. So today I’m going to ask your opinions on a subject discussed intelligently and… Read more“Digitizing books, expanding your mind?”