Still Interviewing Independent Editor & Critiquer
Roz Morris aka @dirtywhitecandy

I know. She’s absolutely hilarious, isn’t she?

And she’s got even more value-add than that! She’s also a ghostwriter, and on Monday she’s going to tell us how she got into that line of work, plus what she’s working on now, plus why she’s not going to have herself frozen after she dies, plus what happened the time she got hit by a train.

I swear to you. She said all this stuff.

Unfortunately, though, I got no pictures of her in a bulletproof vest. So that’s a little bit of a disappointment.

Join us Monday!

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4 thoughts on “Still Interviewing Independent Editor & Critiquer
Roz Morris aka @dirtywhitecandy

  1. K.M. Weiland says:

    Great stuff! Roz is a gem, and her book Nail Your Novel is simply chock full of useful advice. Glad to hear she survived that train!

    1. Victoria says:

      We THINK she survived it. . .

  2. After being interviewed by Victoria, being hit by a train is nothing.

    1. Victoria says:

      See? Threw me again. I’m like Peppermint Patty’s boneless cat.

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