Remembering the future
—the next incarnation of the Roz Morris interviews

Roz Morris is back!—smarter, wittier, more profound than ever. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better. . .please pull up a chair and join us for the seventh (yes, one, two, three, four, five, six—the seventh!) Roz Morris interview: V: Welcome back, Roz! It’s as though you never… Read more“<em>Remembering the future</em><br>—the next incarnation of the Roz Morris interviews”

Interviewing Roz Morris

She’s baaack!. . . Roz Morris, best selling ghostwriter, owner of the popular Nail Your Novel blog, and author of Nail Your Novel: Why Writers Abandon Books and How You Can Draft, Fix and Finish With Confidence—back in my study, back in the interview chair, back in the news. This… Read more“Interviewing Roz Morris”

We can’t leave fiction alone—Talking Prose

Last week, Roz Morris and I had the second of our four scheduled weekly editorial chats: Talking Character. The week before that we were Talking Plot. We’re running these chats here once a week throughout the month of April. We had great fun and talked about the very essence of… Read more“<em>We can’t leave fiction alone</em>—Talking Prose”

We can’t leave fiction alone—Talking Plot

Back in January, Roz Morris and I entertained ourselves mightily with a long, rambling, self-indulgent visit about the craft of editing, We can’t leave fiction alone—Part I and We can’t leave fiction alone—Part II. And we liked it so much we decided to roll up our sleeves and do it… Read more“<em>We can’t leave fiction alone</em>—Talking Plot”

Still Interviewing Independent Editor & Critiquer
Roz Morris aka @dirtywhitecandy

I know. She’s absolutely hilarious, isn’t she? And she’s got even more value-add than that! She’s also a ghostwriter, and on Monday she’s going to tell us how she got into that line of work, plus what she’s working on now, plus why she’s not going to have herself frozen… Read more“Still Interviewing Independent Editor & Critiquer <br>Roz Morris aka @dirtywhitecandy”

We can’t leave fiction alone—the Roz Morris interview
After-Dinner Wine-Induced
Fiction Editors’ Wrestling Match
Part I

Roz Morris goes by the online moniker @dirtywhitecandy, which all by itself is reason enough to interview her. But on top of that she’s also a ghostwriter with eleven novels under her belt, eight of them best sellers, a critiquer for a London manuscript-critiquing agency, owner of the fiction-writing blog… Read more“<em>We can’t leave fiction alone</em>—the Roz Morris <del datetime="2011-01-17T22:41:19+00:00">interview</del> <br>After-Dinner Wine-Induced <br>Fiction Editors’ Wrestling Match <em><br>Part I</em>”