How Many Degrees of Separation Are You from Your Literary Idols?

Last week we told the stories of how we got into writing. They were great fun—all those busy four-year-olds cooking up stories, all those mad teens clacking away on typewriters under the raised eyebrows of the taken-aback, even some of us who came to this craft recently and are only… Read more“How Many Degrees of Separation Are <i>You</i> from Your Literary Idols?”

Eating the omelet

Two more links, and then I’m done with this Amazon-MacMillan-Apple three-way patty-cake until someone—I don’t know what—launches their opponent into outer space on a rocket or something. The Guardian. Yes, that’s in London. Venessa Miemis at Emergent by Design. And I am RIGHT NOW writing the post to announce the… Read more“Eating the omelet”

Surfing the e-book wave

So today Apple announced its new e-reader that it’s been priming the press on. I love that they think it’s news they’re opening a new e-book store to go along with it. “Really? And can I get fries with that?” But my favorite part of Steve Jobs’ talk is him… Read more“Surfing the e-book wave”