Dreaming a three-dimensional dream

We got home from our San Francisco trip yesterday evening to a notification from Lightning Source that the proof of my book had been shipped overnight UPS. You all know what that means, don’t you? Yes, you do. I will not be eating, breathing, or blinking today until the UPS… Read more“Dreaming a three-dimensional dream”

More surfing on the e-book wave

Well, the New York Times has an opinion on the Apple announcement of its e-reader, as well as a lament for the good, old-fashioned book in the Opinionator (you read mine here first!). He makes lots of good points and even singles out two of the indie bookstores we’ve been… Read more“More surfing on the e-book wave”

Surfing the e-book wave

So today Apple announced its new e-reader that it’s been priming the press on. I love that they think it’s news they’re opening a new e-book store to go along with it. “Really? And can I get fries with that?” But my favorite part of Steve Jobs’ talk is him… Read more“Surfing the e-book wave”