Pin-pointing your novel climax

There’s really only one thing we can talk about today: CLIMAXES. The climax of your novel is, bizarrely enough, the premise. It’s the point of the entire story. Suppose you’re a writer working intensely on an incredibly deep and meaningful story. You’re an eighteenth-century American who’s been in Europe and… Read more“Pin-pointing your novel climax”

Making a scene out of your climax

So you’re sitting at the table in the captain’s cabin across from Assuipe, guzzling wine and trying not to bang your elbows on the brass table rail that keeps stuff from flying off during storms. He’s allowed you to change your britches, but you’re still wondering whether your heart will… Read more“Making a scene out of your climax”

5th Annual Top 10 Blogs for Writers Contest

All right, guys. It looks like the 5th Annual Top 10 Blogs for Writers Contest is being held for this year. Folks are over there nominating their favorite blogs written specifically for the in-depth edification and entertainment, the support and encouragement, the comedy and companionship, the sheer on-going benefit of… Read more“5th Annual Top 10 Blogs for Writers Contest”

Philosophizing—drawing a line between good & bad

I believe that writers who have the sparkle suspect, but never know for certain, that they have it. In fact they’re more likely to have doubts about their work, for the simple reason that they experience glimpses of a perfection that no human pen can ever achieve. —Jane Steen This… Read more“Philosophizing—drawing a line between good & bad”