HOOK scenes

For each Hook entry, I did a brief Developmental Edit, identified the genre and explained any issues I’d found in Copy & Line Editing, then ended with the final Copy, Line & Developmental Edit:

Steam Rose from the Surface of Gina’s Latte—

Katie Had Just Taken the First Bite—

The Uninhabited Island—

Sherman Hated This Town—

I Was Happy—

When I Saw Him—

Bethany Is Stalking Me—

Red Letters Flew into John’s Vision—

The Blood Pooling Reminded Nick of Butterfly Wings—

Carmen Slammed Her Keycard—

Isem’s Eyes Flickered—

The Filming Began Last Week—

Dear Major Bradon—

To Begin With, Marlowe Was Dead—

Thel Nocked an Arrow—

In the Morning, When There Was Nothing But Birdsong—

The Wolf Would Have Been Mistaken—

It’s a Story—

My Guitar Case Bounced—

A Lot of People Think Garbage Collectors Are Idiots—