More surfing on the e-book wave

Well, the New York Times has an opinion on the Apple announcement of its e-reader, as well as a lament for the good, old-fashioned book in the Opinionator (you read mine here first!). He makes lots of good points and even singles out two of the indie bookstores we’ve been talking about: the Tattered Cover of Denver and Powell’s of Portland, Oregon. But I wish he’d come up with more of a solution that just, “Hey, readers, carry the torch.” Like if the New York Times didn’t tell us to, maybe we wouldn’t.

Even better, my sys admin has been blogging about netbooks from the perspective of both a writer and an engineer in Device Churn and Geekware of Choice. He knows heck of more about the business end of this than I EVER will. Very smart guy.

And Scott Berkun (who—if you’ve been reading the comments—you’ll remember has written a book called Confessions of a Public Speaker, spawning a webinar my sys admin and I watched the other night, excellent stuff) has a piece revealing the amazing, top-secret, classic, one-step answer to How to Write a Book. Spoiler alert: I tell you guys this all the time. But it’s always good to hear it again, so you know I’m not just making it up for the fun of watching y’all dangle.

Meanwhile, the Harvard Lampoon has written their first novel parody since Bored of the Rings: Nightlight, to go on sale tomorrow. Guess what they’re parodying? Go on—guess!