Writing in a second language

I’m happy to post this guest essay by the insightful Mark Budman, author of My Life at First Try: English is a second language for me. I learned it as an adult. The accident of birth and immigration is both a curse and a blessing, but “blessed is the one… Read more“Writing in a second language”

Upcoming guest post on Nathan Bransford's blog

I just learned my article “Everything You Need to Know About Writing a Novel, in 1,000 Words” will be one of the guest posts on Nathan Bransford’s blog this coming week, while he’s out doing good in the world. Yes, I’m pretty happy about it. I do want to thank… Read more“Upcoming guest post on Nathan Bransford's blog”

Telling the truth

I’m pleased to post this guest essay by the talented Gary Presley, author of Seven Wheelchairs: A Life Beyond Polio: I am very much a believer in the idea that writing both creates and destroys, a whimsically ironic perception I contrived long ago after I read “We Are Norsemen,” a… Read more“Telling the truth”