Hating the essay I’m writing this minute

I’m very happy to post this guest essay by the curiously refreshing Amy Carey, author of numerous articles on parenting, fitness, travel, and health: I used to think writer’s block was a myth. Maybe writers got distracted or felt uninspired, but certainly they weren’t unable to write. Then, for several… Read more“Hating the essay I’m writing this minute”

Deadheart: Making Use of Discovery in Writing

I am very pleased to post this essay by my friend Lucia Orth, author of the 2008 critically-acclaimed Baby Jesus Pawn Shop: I came across some old notes in the past few weeks from an interview and the follow-up research I did while working on the early stages of my… Read more“Deadheart: Making Use of Discovery in Writing”

10 Things To Do To Become a Better Writer in 10 Days

How to Find the Best Independent Editor for You Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose. —Kris Kristopherson, “Me and Bobby McGee” Spend one day being a troll Be as obnoxious as humanly possible online. Go around arguing with people on their own sites, expressing opinions they won’t… Read more“10 Things To Do To Become a Better Writer in 10 Days”

6 Personality Types Who Will Succeed as Writers

Never doubt that thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has.—Margaret Mead Monday you got the bad news. Now you get the good news. You’re very welcome! THE DILIGENT: those who sit down and write Natalie Goldberg immortalized it without words, the… Read more“6 Personality Types <i>Who Will Succeed</i> as Writers”

Why You’re Not Going to Make It as a Writer,
in 8 Parts

Short answer: you don’t know what you mean by “make it.” Do you mean get an agent? You can get an agent. This country is CHOCK FULL TO BURSTING right this moment with brand new, chomping-at-the-bit, frothing-at-the-mouth, starving agents. People who should not have been allowed to learn to type… Read more“Why You’re Not Going to Make It as a Writer,<br>in 8 Parts”