Telling your story in shorthand: the synopsis

You’ve got a query letter. You know what to put in your author bio. You’ve even looked up how many pages of your manuscript this particular agent you’re querying wants to see with your query. What’s missing? That’s right. Laura Mosko, Novel and Short Story Writer’s Market Editor, has outlined… Read more“Telling your story in shorthand: the synopsis”

Hating the essay I’m writing this minute

I’m very happy to post this guest essay by the curiously refreshing Amy Carey, author of numerous articles on parenting, fitness, travel, and health: I used to think writer’s block was a myth. Maybe writers got distracted or felt uninspired, but certainly they weren’t unable to write. Then, for several… Read more“Hating the essay I’m writing this minute”

Understanding freelance independent editors

You don’t have to floss all your teeth. Just the ones you want to keep. —dentists’ motto Ever since I began this blog in 2009, everyone in the publishing industry has been weighing in on the big question: “Do you really need to hire an independent editor? Don’t agents love… Read more“Understanding freelance independent editors”

Understanding writer credentials

We’re talking this month about the mechanics of the publishing industry: understanding author bios, understanding freelance independent editors, understanding agents. So today let’s talk about understanding writer credentials. There’s something very important that you should know. Dashiell Hammett wasn’t the world’s greatest writer. He wasn’t even the world’s greatest self-marketer…. Read more“Understanding writer credentials”

6 Steps to Tangling with the Publishing Windmill

This is the story about what happened after that Writers Conference in 1996 at which I became friends with the brilliant novelists Lucia Orth and Sasha Troyan. Actually, a lot of things happened, one of them being that I went home and completely rewrote my current novel yet once again…. Read more“6 Steps to Tangling with the Publishing Windmill”

The Art & Craft of Story: 2nd Practitioner’s Manual

It’s live! At midnight last night, we released my second book on writing: The Art & Craft of Story: 2nd Practitioner’s Manual It’s available in print through CreateSpace, in ePub through Smashwords, and should be on the Kindle as soon as they’re done dinking around with it. And for all… Read more“<em>The Art & Craft of Story: 2nd Practitioner’s Manual</em>”

Interviewing Roz Morris

She’s baaack!. . . Roz Morris, best selling ghostwriter, owner of the popular Nail Your Novel blog, and author of Nail Your Novel: Why Writers Abandon Books and How You Can Draft, Fix and Finish With Confidence—back in my study, back in the interview chair, back in the news. This… Read more“Interviewing Roz Morris”