Giving advice & using (lots of) numbers

It’s launched! Dear Editor, my new fiction writing advice column. Come send me your worries, your heartaches, your concerns (about your fiction, I mean). I will do my best to smooth your way. And in celebration, I’m going to spend this week posting posts here about numbers. As in: 3… Read more“Giving advice & using (lots of) numbers”

Last day: Free Edit of your novel’s CLIMAX

This is it, guys! Our last day. If you’ve got a climax you could really use a professional editor’s advice on—not just Developmental Editing, but a Copy & Line Edit, as well—shoop it on over. After today, we go back to business as usual. Check out the rules, such as… Read more“<em>Last day:</em> Free Edit of your novel’s CLIMAX”

Submitting a Free Edit novel CLIMAX anonymously

For the record, I think we’re all in agreement (yes?) that submitting a novel climax for the Free Edit anonymously is fine. So if you’re hanging back because you’re a little shy, don’t worry about it. I can keep it anonymous for you. Although it would be even better if… Read more“Submitting a Free Edit novel CLIMAX anonymously”