Free CLIMAX Edit: Kathryn

Free CLIMAX Edit #6 goes to Kathryn Rushing, whose MG novel is set in the Zagros Mountains thousands of years ago. Kathryn wins a free private email chat about her writing! Setup Twelve-year-old Mirren has found her father, Kanen, high in the mountains where he has been sent to capture… Read more“Free CLIMAX Edit: <em>Kathryn</em>”

Submitting a Free Edit novel CLIMAX anonymously

For the record, I think we’re all in agreement (yes?) that submitting a novel climax for the Free Edit anonymously is fine. So if you’re hanging back because you’re a little shy, don’t worry about it. I can keep it anonymous for you. Although it would be even better if… Read more“Submitting a Free Edit novel CLIMAX anonymously”