Hook, developing, climaxing

I’ve got my statues against the sky. —Virginia Woolf, A Writer’s Diary HOOK Why do I want to read your novel? Throw it out there before I even ask. What’s in it for me? Because you’re a great storyteller. That’s the only reason that has ever mattered. And you can… Read more“Hook, developing, climaxing”

Pulp Rag: Planting a suspicion, revealing a glory

A week or so ago I posted an essay on hook-development-climax that was almost entirely quotes from great works. I quoted hooks. And I quoted climaxes. I would have quoted development, but my fingers got tired. I wanted you to see exactly what constitutes a hook (why it’s short!) and… Read more“<em>Pulp Rag:</em> Planting a suspicion, revealing a glory”

Free HOOK Edit: Steam rose from the surface—

Steam rose from the surface of Gina’s latte. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “Your face. You look—” “I was jogging. I ran here.” Gina dumped a packet of sugar into her cup. “Not that. You look a little—spent.” “I am spent. I’m single-parenting while Todd’s out of town.” “He’s still out… Read more“Free HOOK Edit: Steam rose from the surface—”