21 Things You Writers Know that Non-Writers Don’t

What it’s like to be transported to a parallel universe of incandescent vision through your own small words. How it feels to unravel the mystery of all human endeavor into a web of light that pulses delicately in your hands. Everything about your main characters’ childhoods, which were so poignant… Read more“21 Things You Writers Know that Non-Writers Don’t”

How to Find Gratitude through Writing

Last week we found Joy & Fulfillment through Writing. And it was good. So this week let’s respond to that joy & fulfillment. Because everything about being writers is about cause-&-effect, even living the life. Let’s be grateful. Recognize the source. Sometimes it’s the littlest things. I know I’ve mentioned… Read more“How to Find Gratitude through Writing”

6 Personality Types Who Will Succeed as Writers

Never doubt that thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has.—Margaret Mead Monday you got the bad news. Now you get the good news. You’re very welcome! THE DILIGENT: those who sit down and write Natalie Goldberg immortalized it without words, the… Read more“6 Personality Types <i>Who Will Succeed</i> as Writers”