New advice column on Writer Unboxed

Ask Victoria. That’s what Therese Walsh dubbed it when we came up with the idea of an editor’s advice column on the new, up-coming Writer Unboxed newsletter. We’d been wanting to collaborate for a long time, take our guest appearances on each other’s blogs to the next level. As soon… Read more“New advice column on Writer Unboxed”

How to Find Community through Writing

We’ve arrived at the Winter Solstice, which is the holiday we celebrate at our house. We’re pretty tired of the dark by the time the sun gets to the end of its tether every year, and we’re pretty darn excited about sunlight coming back into our lives again. It takes… Read more“How to Find Community through Writing”

How to Find Gratitude through Writing

Last week we found Joy & Fulfillment through Writing. And it was good. So this week let’s respond to that joy & fulfillment. Because everything about being writers is about cause-&-effect, even living the life. Let’s be grateful. Recognize the source. Sometimes it’s the littlest things. I know I’ve mentioned… Read more“How to Find Gratitude through Writing”

23 Inevitable Questions to Ask Yourself
at the End of NaNoWriMo

Guess what I spent the Thanksgiving holiday doing? That’s right—giving myself repetitive stress injury writing my annual 45,000-word children’s book for my son. I didn’t start until halfway through November this year, so it got pretty darn busy toward the end there. Now I have a completed book (hurrah!), but… Read more“23 Inevitable Questions to Ask Yourself <br>at the End of NaNoWriMo”

Debuting on video—A. Victoria Mixon, Editor, interviewed by Joanna Penn

For years, I’ve been holding my husband and son captive over the dinner table as I wave my hands and rant and rave about fiction, writing, publishing, all the many and wonderful intricacies of this extraordinary art and craft. For years. Recently, I’ve been interviewed online in a number of… Read more“Debuting on video—A. Victoria Mixon, Editor, interviewed by Joanna Penn”

4 Tricks for Improving Your Fiction in One Day

We’re talking this month about instantaneous ways to improve craft—because, as Carrie Fisher says, “Instant gratification takes too long.” We’ve talked about 2 Tricks to Breaking Writer’s Block in One Day. And 3 Tricks to Ratcheting Tension in One Day. Now let’s talk about how you can use your own… Read more“4 Tricks for Improving Your Fiction in One Day”

Catching up on publishing & bookstore news

Well, Amazon is coming out of the chute swinging this week. The good news is that they’re acknowledging the competition by fighting for independently-publishing authors with their 70%-royalty offer for Kindle books. For the record, 70% is a seriously high royalty rate. Just a year ago, Publishing Frontier ran an… Read more“Catching up on publishing & bookstore news”