21 Things You Writers Know that Non-Writers Don’t

What it’s like to be transported to a parallel universe of incandescent vision through your own small words. How it feels to unravel the mystery of all human endeavor into a web of light that pulses delicately in your hands. Everything about your main characters’ childhoods, which were so poignant… Read more“21 Things You Writers Know that Non-Writers Don’t”

How to Find Community through Writing

We’ve arrived at the Winter Solstice, which is the holiday we celebrate at our house. We’re pretty tired of the dark by the time the sun gets to the end of its tether every year, and we’re pretty darn excited about sunlight coming back into our lives again. It takes… Read more“How to Find Community through Writing”

How to Find the Meaning of Life through Writing

At our house, we call this week between the holiday and the New Year “time out of time.” It’s our annual step outside the tide of daily struggle and strife to stop and think and search again for the peace in our lives. In the same vein, we’ve been talking… Read more“How to Find the Meaning of Life through Writing”

How to Find Gratitude through Writing

Last week we found Joy & Fulfillment through Writing. And it was good. So this week let’s respond to that joy & fulfillment. Because everything about being writers is about cause-&-effect, even living the life. Let’s be grateful. Recognize the source. Sometimes it’s the littlest things. I know I’ve mentioned… Read more“How to Find Gratitude through Writing”

How to Find Joy & Fulfillment through Writing

I’m not here this month—December is my month to go offline every year and watch my son grow up. I really don’t have any time to lose. So I’ll be blogging in absentia a series of posts on how to find everything you need through the craft of writing, this… Read more“How to Find Joy & Fulfillment through Writing”

How to Write Wrong, in 3 Easy Steps

Last week we learned how to characterize wrong. The week before that we learned how to plot wrong. And today I’m going to teach you how to cripple your book so that—even if your plot is maximum overdrive and your characterization nothing short of brilliant—no one in the industry will… Read more“How to Write Wrong, in 3 Easy Steps”

We can’t leave fiction alone—Talking Prose

Last week, Roz Morris and I had the second of our four scheduled weekly editorial chats: Talking Character. The week before that we were Talking Plot. We’re running these chats here once a week throughout the month of April. We had great fun and talked about the very essence of… Read more“<em>We can’t leave fiction alone</em>—Talking Prose”