Let’s pretend WHAT never happened?
the Bloggess interview

You guys, I interviewed Jenny almost two years ago about humor writing, being a humor writer, eating other humorists, and—especially—the book she was writing at the time. Well, guess what? Last week Jenny’s memoir hit #1 on the New York Times Best Seller List. So all of you who were… Read more“<em>Let’s pretend WHAT never happened?</em><br>the Bloggess interview”

5 Things I Learned from Shirley Jackson

Now, you all know who Shirley Jackson was, and if you don’t you can find out from last week’s post about Stephen King. She was most famous for her story “The Lottery,” in which the citizens of a small American town draw an annual lottery to stone someone to death—a… Read more“5 Things I Learned from Shirley Jackson”

Linking to P. G. Wodehouse

Today I’m bringing you one of my all-time favorite writers of comedy: the inimitable P.G. Wodehouse. It’s Friday, and I say, what the hell. I’m taking the weekend off from the publishing world, this madcap adventure in publicity, loquacity, and marketing perspicacity run amock. There is only so much eagle-eyed… Read more“Linking to P. G. Wodehouse”

Literary Mash-Up Extravaganza, Day #1

I can’t stop thinking up those litticisms. –my husband Due to the staggering quality and variety of the submissions received for the Literary Mash-Up Extravaganza, we co-hosts have thrown caution (and judging) to the winds and will post all of the submissions, ten at a time in no particular order,… Read more“Literary Mash-Up Extravaganza, Day #1”