3 Things I Learned from Henry James

First things first: I’m being interviewed by Katie Weiland over on AuthorCulture. Have you ever wondered whether or not independent editing means staying home all day in your jammies? Now’s your chance to find out! Second: I promised you guys back in December that whatever I learned from the fabulous… Read more“3 Things I Learned from Henry James”

5 Things I Learned from Shirley Jackson

Now, you all know who Shirley Jackson was, and if you don’t you can find out from last week’s post about Stephen King. She was most famous for her story “The Lottery,” in which the citizens of a small American town draw an annual lottery to stone someone to death—a… Read more“5 Things I Learned from Shirley Jackson”

7 Things I Learned Last Week from Stephen King

I love ghost stories. Particularly the whole gothic genre of the nineteenth century: intense questioning of reality layered with beautiful houses and dramatic landscapes and sometimes hilariously-dated kitsch. I’ve read all of Mrs. Radcliffe. Whooee! I especially love the concept that my love for ghost stories is the other side… Read more“7 Things I Learned Last Week from Stephen King”

Analyzing the PW best sellers list

Publishers Weekly (PW) has released its list of 2009 best sellers compiled from information submitted to them by publishers. It would behoove you to check it out. In particular, take a good, hard look at the author names in the top thirty hardback fiction sellers: Dan Brown. John Grisham. Kathryn… Read more“Analyzing the PW best sellers list”